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Yocan Falcon Replacement Coil
Yocan Falcon Replacement Coil

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Yocan Falcon Vaporizer Kit 1000mAh


Yocan is a brand that loves to redesign vaporizers and reinvent the way we see vaping. The Yocan Falcon is a device designed to cover all facets of vaping, and even add the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your daily sessions.

The device comes with a powerful 1000mAh battery that works in conjunction with a slew of heating elements, including the brand’s latest quartz tri-coil for wax concentrates and their pancake coil for dry herbs. You can also use Yocan’s proprietary XTAL Coils which allows you to use the Vaporizer as a nectar collector to help you consume larger dabs for more satisfying hits. The Yocan Falcon Vaporizer comes with its own dish and metal jar where you can store your concentrates and dab straight from the dish. All built with magnetic connection to promote simplicity and ease of use.

The Falcon is one of the best and the most practical devices on the market that’s perfect for both beginners and advanced consumers. It gives you all the necessary tools you need to get started whether you’re a fan of consuming botanical plant matter or its waxy derivative.

Yocan Falcon – Superior Battery

The device is outfitted with a 1000mAh that’s perfect for a device that’s built to be an on-the-go unit. With a battery that’s widely compatible with different heating elements, having one with a beefy capacity is somewhat of a must. The quartz tri coils and the pancake coils can be demanding atomizers when it comes to power.

Nevertheless, having more than enough juice to last you significant sessions in between charges is important. That’s why the folks at Yocan gave emphasis to longevity and overall superiority when it comes to heating and extracting the active ingredients from both wax concentrates and select botanical dry herb strains. So, whatever the demand is in vaping, the Falcon has definitely got you covered. The battery is even great for quick group sessions as it can withstand several cycles you you and your friends are in for partaking.

In terms of size, a battery as beefy as the Falcon deserves to have a larger size. Consequentially, the increased bulk works in the device’s favor as the battery looks and feels sturdy and can handle minor wear and tear from daily use and carrying activity. The Falcon offers a battery that can last as good as it looks.

Yocan Falcon – the Multi-Functional Vaporizer

The Falcon is a multi-functional vaporizer that can be used in 6 different ways.

Below are just some of the ways you can use the device:

1. XTAL Tip with Glass Attachment

This method of using the Falcon allows you to connect the XTAL Tip and work the Vaporizer like a nectar collector. Simply turn the device on and hover the XTAL Tip on the wax concentrates and you’re good to go. The Glass attachment also helps smoothen out the vapor by using water filtration and moisture conditioning.

2. Quartz Tri Coil with Glass Attachment

The Falcon can be used with the quartz tri coil for a relatively familiar experience but with a twist. You get the same powerful performance as you would with a traditional dab pen but you also get the benefits of having the vapor filtered.

3. Pancake Style Coil with Glass Attachment

If you’ve been consuming dry herb, you’d know that it hits hard but it comes with a certain harshness. Using the Falcon this way lets you eliminate the harshness of consuming ground botanical plant matter. This way you can still enjoy your daily rituals with no harsh effects.

4. XTAL Tip

The same way you use the Falcon as a nectar collector, but this time without the glass attachment. And while this omits the element of water filtration, it ensures you get a portable version of the device.

5. Quartz Tri Coil

Just like a traditional dab pen, the Falcon when paired with the quartz tri coil offers a traditional experience. The Yocan Falcon Vaporizer makes for a great dab pen for on-the-go use.

6. Pancake Coil

The Falcon can vaporize select dry herb strains using its pancake coils. Like its Yocan Evolve-D predecessors, the Falcon can be used to consume select botanicals on-the-go.

7. Preset Temperature Level

The device also comes with variable voltage settings!

The lowest temperature setting is 3.2 volts, the medium setting at 3.7 volts and the highest is at 4.2 volts. The lowest temperature setting lets you enjoy flavorful vapors from your favorite materials, while the highest temperature setting allows the extraction of the potent active ingredients of your material. You can simply select amongst the available temperature settings depending on your preference.

Yocan dry-herb Vaporizer - Specifications
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm

Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Silver

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