ThunderHead Creations Tauren Tool Kit


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ThunderHead Creations Tauren Tool Kit

The Tauren Beast Tool Kit by Thunderhead creations is a great kit for coil builders especially for those on the go, its super compact size makes it easy to just slip into your bag. The tool kit comes with all that is needed – a pair of bent tweezers to give the coils a good squeeze after pulsing, a pair of wire cutters to cut your wire to size, scissors for cutting your cotton, a coil jig for ease of building, a leg trimming guide to ensure perfect coils every time, a stainless steel coil cleaning brush to give the coils a good sweep over every now and then if rebuilding isn’t required; and a screwdriver set and and allen Key!

Kit Contents:

  • 1pc Vape Professional Screwdriver
  • 1pc Coil Brush
  • 1pc Stainless Scissors
  • 1pc Wire Cutter
  • 1pc Pointed Tweezer
  • 1pc Coil Leg Trim Tool
  • 1pc Coiling Jig Stick
  • 1pc Storage Case
  • 1pc M4 Spanner
  • 1pc Buckle
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm


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