PVC 18650 Battery Wraps – Heroes


PVC 18650 Battery Wraps – Heroes

We’ve all had a battery wrap tear on one of our Battery Cells. Some of us continue to use them like that, which is incredibly unsafe – so use these awesome wraps to protect your batteries and vape on!


Price is for 1 x 18650 replacement battery wrap



When using external batteries it is VERY important that you regularly check the quality of your battery wraps to make sure they are still in perfect condition. If you find any scratches or peeling on your wraps we highly recommend that you get them re-wrapped immediately to prevent damage to your batteries and devices.

PVC Battery Wraps
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm

A1 – Superman, A10 – Vader, A11 – Pikachu, A12 – V, A2 – Flash, A3 – Wolverine, A4 – Spiderman, A5 – Ironman, A6 – Capt. America, A7 – Hulk, A8 – Batman, A9 – Minion

Availability Now available in-store at
254 Cowper St, Warrawong 2502

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