Muji Japanese Pure Organic Cotton

Muji Japanese Pure Organic Cotton


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100% Made in Japan

Pack of 12 sheets of 8 x 6.86 cm each sheet Muji Japanese Pure organic cotton

Muji Japanese Cotton pads.

These cotton pads have NOT been chemically treated, bleached, or dyed. The Muji cotton gives you a very clean taste and a much improved wicking ability over standard cotton balls.
Very easy to use and prepare; simply cut the pad into strips, gently peel off the outer layers and then roll into your desired wick size.

Super absorbent and easy to work with. One square will last you several days or weeks, depending on how often you like to change your cotton. All you need is a little to go along way.

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm


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