Monsta Vape E-Liquids


Monsta Vape e-Liquids

Monsta Vape, from Malaysia – some of the finest crafted fruit and dessert e-liquids on the market today. Try them – you won’t be disappointed!


Ratio: 70vg/30pg

Size: 60ml

Does not contain Nicotine


Monsta Vape E-Liquids Fruit Series (with Mint)


Citrus Punch

A mix of lemon, lime and orange which makes this e-liquid a remarkably sweet yet refreshing flavour! Its addition of menthol makes it an amazing summer vape!


Zesty Grappy

A combination of grape and apple essence with a touch of menthol to create a refreshing taste, making it a perfect all-day vape for everyone. Some say it could even take your mind into a state of euphoria


Screamo Mango

You scream, i scream, we all scream for Monsta Vape’s Screamo Mango! The delicious sweet and tangy flavour of a ripe mango packed into this e-liquid will make you scream for more


Geeky Melon

A new twist on a classic melon flavoured e-liquid. Its cool and refreshing take on an already awesome flavour makes this one of the best e-juice from the brand


Strawz Apple

A sweet mix of strawberry and apple makes this e-liquid suitable for an all-day vape. Sweet on the inhale, and refreshing on the exhale


Mistery Berry

A complete mystery mix of berries and tropical fruits to chill you right out this summer, with hints of black currant, lychee, pineapple and more with an icy twist


Sweet Sour

An e-juice with a special blend of sweet blackcurrant with a hint of sourness from pineapple. This e-liquid’s blend creates a perfect mix of sweetness and sourness, hence the name. The high VG content is also perfect for cloud chasers alike


Smokey Shisha

A shisha inspired double apple flavour from Monsta Vape with a cool menthol touch!


Monsta Vape E-Liquids Cream Series


Mango & Pudding – NEW

Mango & Pudding is an exquisitely crafted vape that combines juicy mangos with smooth vanilla cream for a scrumptious and smooth vaping experience that produces dense and aromatic vapor clouds. The fruity mango notes are perfectly paired with creamy vanilla to bathe your tastebuds in pure bliss from inhale to delicious exhale with a teeny bit of cooling, which makes it feel like a fresh pudding straight from the fridge!


Choco Dough

Choco Dough juice is the answer to end your ravenous chocolate cravings once and for all. From the initial inhale, you’ll get creamy milk chocolate glaze that blissfully melts your taste buds into doughy, chocolatey donut heaven. This e-liquid is truly unique and unforgettable.


Red Velvet

A velvety blend of smooth, rich strawberries and sweet cream of vanilla custard swirling around the warm cakey aftertaste


Creme Scotch

If you’re looking for a distinct smooth e-juice that delivers the perfect balance of mellow yet slightly sweet sensations. Creme Scotch is the one for you!


Vanilla Custard

A smooth and creamy blend, featuring soft and subdued notes of vanilla with a rich custard flavour, creating the perfect all day vape


Monsta Milk

This tantalizing duo of fresh cereal and smooth warm creamy milk which produces a rich and satisfying milk cereal vape

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm

Choco Dough, Citrus Punch, Creme Scotch, Geeky Melon, Mango & Pudding, Mistery Berry, Monsta Milk, Red Velvet, Screamo Mango, Smokey Shisha, Strawz Apple, Sweet Sour, Vanilla Custard, Zesty Grappy

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