AIRISTECH Quaser Vaporizer Tank Atomizer

AIRISTECH Quaser Vaporizer Tank Atomizer


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AIRISTECH Quaser Vaporizer Tank Atomizer

Airis Quaser Replacement Atomizer,offers ceramic mouthpiece with the built-in dab tool system, innovative QCell quartz heating element,

The Quaser atomizer has built-in dab tool for convenient filling, simply grab the material with the little scoop and insert into the chamber, use the preheat mode to mold the concentrate and it’s ready to use, the ceramic top prevents from overheating too quickly.

Airis invented a new heating element QCell fritted quartz coil. The fritted quartz surface offers a much larger surface area which results in more efficient heating with thick and pure vapor.


Colour BLACK

airis Quaser Replacement Atomizer

Direct Replacement
510 Threaded
For use with Wax Concentrates
Built-in Dab Tool
Quartz Heating Element
Colour White


Dimensions 1 × 1 × 10 cm


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