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Fcukin' Flava

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´╗┐Fcukin' Flava

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Yummay Guava

Aromatic, delicious, rich & Refreshing pink guava flavour that will sweep you off your feet. A must try if you love cooling fruity vapes.


Made specially for cloud chasers, the Fcukin Flava Ribena is one of two delicious vape juices from the Fcukin Flava Cloud Series. It's an amazingly flavour to cloud chase with and definitely brings back childhood memories of drinking cold Ribena after a hot day at the park.

Honeydew BC

Want to create huge amounts of clouds? Fcukin Flava Honeydew Blackcurrant is one of two flavours in the Fcukin Flava Cloud Series. It's an interestingly unique blend of honeydew and blackcurrant -- a rare combination.

White Label

Fcukin Flava's White Label is an amazingly well-executed mixture of strawberry, banana and blueberry, topped up with vanilla ice cream. It's a superb fruity dessert flavour!

Blue Label

The latest addition to the Fcukin Flava Cream Series, Blue Label has all the flavours of cheesecake with graham crust, without any of the calories. If you're looking for a beautiful cheesecake flavour, look no further!

Freezy Pineapple

Explore the exotic flavor of real pineapples with a slight cooling effect with Fcukin' Flava's Freezy Pineapple. Our team thinks this flavor is extremely all day vape worthy. Must try!

Strawberry Jello

Fcukin Flava Strawberry Jello is an amalgamation of unique tastes of fresh strawberries with a minimal cooling effect and hint of jelly on the exhale. Definitely an all day vape material.

Philippines Mango

Explore the exotic flavour of Philippines mango and other mixed fruits with a slight cooling effect. Even though Fcukin Flava Philippines Mango is considered a new addition from Fcukin Flava, our team thinks this flavour is extremely all day vape worthy. A must try!

Fcukin' Munkey

A delicious honeydew flavour, with just a slight hint of bubblegum candy, Fcukin Flava Fcukin Munkey is an all-day vape for those who love fruity and candy flavours.

The Jackass

An unique flavor, with the flavor of jack fruit, a fruit from Southeast Asia that that recalls the flavors of apple, pineapple, mango, and banana. Vape it to believe it!

Strawberry Ice cream

It is a Meringue dessert with crispy crust, soft and light inside, topped with strawberry whipped cream. This cake is the kind of cake that dreams are made of!

Berry Cheese Cake Crunch

Moist berry sponge cake with a tangy cream cheese icing. Be ready to fall in love with this rich blue velvet cheesecake!

Strawberry Lemonade

This delicate crepes, rolled up with a fluffy creme cheese filling and sliced strawberries.

OkayPapa Godzilla Juice #02 The Sugus

OkayPapa Juice was founded from the brewers behind the famously delicious Fcukin Flava, OkayPapa #02 Sugus is their new flavour based on the chewy candy Sugus. Brings us back to when we were kids! A mixture of strawberry and orange-flavored candy, this is one vape juice that will bring back memories of childhood.


That actually happens when you bite into both an apple and a grape at the same time? Experience it yourself with Fcukin Flava X Grapple today.

Lime Ice Cream

Fcukin Flava X Lime Ice Cream a E-Liquid with a blend of creamy vanilla ice cream with the sweet taste of lime. Perfect for an all day vape.

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