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Let us start with latest iteration of the TITAN line of vaporizers. The original version, the TITAN V1 or simply the original TITAN left us feeling unsatisfied, yearning for a better quality battery, improved vapor quality, a more sleeker look and definitely the need for a tone of more useful features.  Well, NOW here comes TITAN TWO the too truly rectify those apprehension and to deliver a truly NEW spectacular product. The TITAN II is the culmination of learned knowledge, ongoing research and trial and error. The biggest improvements that customers have been clamouring can be seen as soon as one opens the box. HEBE TITAN II offers the user, a fully adjustable TEMPERATURE CONTROL ( 200°F – 428°F), and for this feature alone, HEBE TITAN II  is arguably the best value for the money. TITAN II got a digital temperature display and three buttons to control the unit’s temperature and heating chamber. Out of the box, the user can enjoy true Plug and Play true vaporization with a simple press of the button. In order to do that, powering the TITAN II is the new 2200 MAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack with upgraded micro circuitry, which allows better distribution and regulation of temperature in the core-heating chamber of the unit. Finally, to keep your TITAN II running smoother and longer, Hebe has improved the ease of maintaince and cleaning this device is now a breeze. BOTTOM LINE, it’s an impressive device and must give HEBE props for thinking things through.


The TITAN II Vaporizer sports a square body design and features a very practical and durable matte rubberized skin. The HEBE TITAN II is ever so slightly thicker than the popular PAX Vaporizer. The device is built of hard plastic, so you can expect a solid built-to-last device. The overall construction does not leave you feeling like the vaporizer will break easily, so everything on the TITAN II feels solid and durable. The mouthpiece is made of a very durable plastic and is a pleasant shape and design. The LCD screen has slight back light illumination, with the digital display showing you the actual temperature of the unit and the set temperature, as well as the amount of charger left in the battery.

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