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Fcukin Flava


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Product Description

Who Are We?

Fcukin’ Flava (FF) was founded on August 2014.
We are one of the best leading e-liquid manufacturer in Malaysia.

What we do?

We produce premium crafted e-liquid specializes in fresh fruity flavours. We’re courageous enough to claim our e-liquid as Premium Crafted Liquid because our ingredients came from the certified company from the US and delicately made in a small quantity at times to make sure the taste and quality are well preserved.

All our products are made under strict guidelines and quality control right at FF Factory. Brewed and bottled professionally in a clean environment by using modern equipment, modelled after some of the best e-juice brewery from around the world.

We are very committed in producing a true-to-flavour e-liquid by using an adequate amount of high quality flavouring in order to give a true satisfaction in vaping to our consumers. This is very important to us as we believe that a good and flavourful e-liquid is able to switch a smoker to a healthier lifestyle, which is vaping.

We do amazing stuff

Fcukin’ Flava has been a favourite brand in Malaysia since 2014. Our marketing team works hand in hand with the production team in order to ensure the quality and consistency throughout our product range and brand. Our product is currently available in most part of the world. However, for the time being, we have only appointed an exclusive distributor in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Indonesia.

The ADV (all-day-vape) series:
Fresh Fruity Flavour

Size: 50 ml
Nic. strength*: 0 mg
30PG / 70VG blend

Fcukin’ Munkey

The “cult favourite e-liquid!”. Our all time favourite and best sellers. A sweet unique taste of Honeydew with a subtle blend of bubble gum, plus the cooling effect: PERFECTO!

Philippines Mango

The taste of real ripe mango with a mix of tropical fruits. Sweet and refreshing, with cooling effect. This will instantly be your ADV juice. Crazy Delicious!

Smashin’ Lemonade

Experience the perfect blend of fresh Lemonade and Tangerine. It will definitely will leave you wanting more. Perfect for your All-Day-Vape. Zingy! A must-try from FF.

Strawberry Jello

Improved taste of our sought-after ADV – “Cool Berry”. Unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries with a slight cooling effect and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for your daily vape.

Freezy Mango

A real taste of green mango with a little punch of sweet and sour, plus the cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud 9. One of the kind.

Freezy Pineapple

Exotic and juicy taste of real pineapples with a slight cooling effect on the exhale. Perfect for summer vape! One of the most-fav among the Fcukin’ Flava’s fans.

Yummay Guava

A sweet, sour and true-to-flavour taste of our juicy effect. Aromatic, delicious, rich and refreshing vape. Parisian favourite!

Schweet Mango

Experience the Sweetness and Juiciness of the real green mango. Similar taste to our “Freezy Mango”, without the cooling effect.

Freezy Grapes

Indulge your taste buds with the wonderful combination of our unique Blackcurrant & Grapes, plus the cooling effect that will surely blow your mind.

The CREAM series:
Delicious Dessert Flavour

Size: 50 ml
Nic. strength*: 0mg
30PG / 70VG blend

Yellow Label

Yellow label is a mixture of sweet ol’ Butterscotch blended with rich creamy taste of vanilla. Brown sugar + butter + caramel + vanilla = OMG! This will definitely be your ADV.

White Label

Savor the brilliant taste of our White Label, with the perfect mixture of Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry, top with the creamy Vanilla Ice Cream taste + Fcukin’ Flava Secret Recipe. Double Delicious!!

Red Label

Red label is one of our finest creations of dessert vape with a rich taste of creamy banana with a hint of hazelnut. This one will definitely satisfy your taste bud plus the decent throat hit you always wanted. Delicious!

Blue Label

Blue label is our latest addition to the Cream Series. Classic taste of the good ol’ cheesecake packed with intensely delicious taste of the graham crust that will melt in your throat! Dang!

The CLOUD series:
High VG liquid

Size: 50 ml
Nic. strength: 0mg
20PG/80VG blend

Perfect for Cloud Chasers (Designed for DRIP TANK)

Honeydew Blackcurrant

Enjoy the delicate mixture of juice honeydew with a hint of fresh blackcurrant to give a funky vaping sensation and chunk loads of clouds in each puff.


Relive the sweet memories of a kid indulging in the wonderful taste of the all-time-favourite Vitamin C supplement beverage – Ribena. Come with us in the journey of being a happy kid with each puff of clouds.

Additional Information

Weight 80 g

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